MUDVAYNE "Lost And Found" /CD/

Russian edition of the third full-length album by American Groove/Nu Metal band.
You may know this already if you are a Mudvayne fan, but the drummer describes their music as Math Metal, and you can see why when you listen. They use odd time meters, but they make it sound great. The guitar riffs in this album are awesome. It feels like the guitar riffs could just rip through you. The drumming is really great. Everyone knows when you hear a good drummer, because the beats are just really catchy and he's just got rhythm in him. The bass lines are great too. Usually you can’t really hear the bass in many bands, but the bass in this is great. You can really hear it. Mudvayne is really good at making guitar, bass, drums, and great vocals fit perfectly into one. Every member of Mudvayne is very talented.
The lyrics are very powerful and fit the music perfectly. Chad Grey has one of the best Metal voices. He can use a soft voice for the slower/less loud part of songs, then he can use yell his lungs out, and make it sound great. There's always those bands that have a lead singer who can sing perfectly to fit their music. Metallica, Pantera, Pearl Jam, Slipknot, and of course Mudvayne.
The album had major success in the U.S., debuting at number 2 and being certified Gold by the RIAA shortly afterward. It has sold about 800000 copies as of August 2006 and is the band's most successful album to date!
Overall, this is their best album, besides "L.D.50", which kicks ass by the way. Mudvayne is in the top of their class in Nu-Metal! If you’re a Metal fan then you should definitely get this album!!
Epic/Sony BMG Music Entertainment Russia, 2005 (82876 73210 2). Made in Russia.

1. Determined     2:39 
2. Pushing Through     3:28 
3. Happy?     3:37 
4. Imn     5:51 
5. Fall Into Sleep     3:51 
6. Rain, Sun, Gone     4:35 
7. Choices     8:05 
8. Forget To Remember     3:35 
9. Tv Radio     3:26 
10. Just     3:00 
11. All That You Are     6:11 
12. Pulling The String     5:05
Total playing time: 53:23

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