SEARING l "Bloodshred" /Digipack CD/

Debut full-length album by Swedish Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band.
Black Lotus Records, 2005 (BLRCD098)

1.Empty Threats 03:03
2.Tons of Hate 02:39
3.The Gift/The Curse 02:46
4.A Treacherous Ride 02:43
5.Head First 03:20
6.Born Dying 03:38
7.The Man I've Known as Me 02:10
8.Burn Alive 03:30
9.I Won't Forgive 03:07
10.Vision Within 03:22
11.Life Surreal 02:39
12.True Identity 03:33
13.Downfall 03:05
14.I Please My Hunger 02:30
Total playing time: 42:06

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