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ALLHELLUJA “Pain Is The Game” /CD/

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The second full-length album by Italian/Danish Stoner Metal band.
Allhelluja is a band that you need to know about. Fronted by the charismatic Jacob Bredahl from the Danish Death Metal act Hatesphere and including two owners of Scarlet Records (drummer/co-founder Stefano Longhi and guitarist/co-founder Massimo Gajer) Allhelluja give the Metal world a much-needed kick in the ass by cranking up the volume (and attitude) and Rockin' the f**k out. Snippets of the filthy Metal Boogie of acts like Motörhead, a pinch of Entombed locomotive stomp, and a variety of Stoner-tinged and Southern fried Metal bands make "Pain Is The Gain" one hell of a party.
The late 2006 follow-up to 2005's "Inferno Museum" debut, is an explosion of dirty, Rock 'n' Roll infused Metal. A collection of hot licks that benefit from a mix that doesn't smooth out the edges and that periodically ride the Stoner Rock edge (e.g. "The Devil, Me, Myself and I") complement a rhythm section that is taut and rugged. Even beyond the catchy songwriting and somewhere-left-of-sane lyrics is a purity of delivery, a deservedly cocky demeanor, and a smack in the mouth to all who claim to be saviors of the Rock. And it doesn't mean that "Pain is the Game" is somehow groundbreaking - it's just an honest ball-buster of an album. Bredahl struts and swaggers all over this thing, his staccato vocal attack on the rollicking "Superhero Motherfucker Superman" and "Big Money, Sweet Money" enough to get even the most stoic fan moving and breaking sh*t.
Whether it is a straight-ahead rocker like album opener "Are You Ready? (Ready for your Massacre)", the knuckle-busting charge of "The King of Pain", or the nasty soul-burn of "Soul Man" (complete with one of the album's most psychotic lyrical tirades), Allhelluja hits it and quits it, leaving everyone in the vicinity drenched in sweat and bleeding from the ears.
Far too many of these faux Retro-Rock and 'core bands are missing the point about what it means to kick ass with a purpose, a passion, and a fifth of rot gut whiskey. Here's to letting it all hang out and then collapsing in a pool of your own vomit, Allhelluja -style!
Scarlet Records, a division of BL Music snc, 2006 (SC 124-2). Made in Italy. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Are You Ready? (Ready for Your Massacre) 05:00
2. Superhero Motherfucker Superman 04:28
3. Hey J 03:57
4. I'm Not the One 04:24
5. Demons Town 03:03
6. Soul Man 04:17
7. Big Money, Sweet Money 02:24
8. The Devil, Me, Myself and I 04:08
9. Hell on Earth 03:26
10. The King of Pain 03:23
11. Amen 01:00
Total playing time: 39:29 min.

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