SACRED STEEL "Hammer Of Destruction" /CD/

Sixth full-length album by the German Epic Power/Speed Metal band.
Metal warriors Sacred Steel return with another outing of pure and true Heavy Metal! Old school to the bone, complete with every cliché possible... and that's a good thing!
Massacre Records/Mystic Empire, 2006/2007 (MYST CD 205). Light shabby on the disc surface.

1. Hammer of Destruction 04:11
2. Where Demons Dare to Tread 04:32
3. Maniacs of Speed 03:27
4. Blood and Thunder 03:37
5. Impaled by Metal 05:48
6. Descent of a Lost Soul 01:14
7. Black Church 08:52
8. Generally Hostile (Jag Panzer cover) 03:14
9. Plague of Terror 03:55
10. Sword and Axes 04:53
11. The Torch of Sin 04:28
Total playing time: 48:11

Bonus Video: "Maniacs of Speed"

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