RAGING DEATH “Raging Death” /CD/

The debut full-length album by Polish Thrash Metal band.
Raging Death issues their self-titled debut, spreading their eight tracks speed racing Thrash Metal blizzard from beneath the graves. Signaling their direction to the era of the mid 80’s, back when Speed and Thrash gathered much more attention, Raging Death’s no compromise toughness if evident. These guys came to crush, and in a kind of looseness that was meant to spread the word around of old school Thrash Metal. Taking a few pointers of early Kreator, early Voivod, Tankard and several bits and nits of American Thrash Metal, these guys sound like their country mates Destroyers, another old band that is more than worth mentioning. Raging Death’s main riffery is just a little above the basic level, tending them to be similar to the classic acts, but rather well played and with the band’s production values sounds quite nostalgic.
Since old school is the band’s main code of honor, their track of thought was towards what sounds and feels like the old days of chaos. Thrashing and Speeding has been their main course of action, a kind the produced simpler arrangements that came out no more than solid. It would appear that Raging Death wanted to go somewhat beyond the average old school experience by adding a few above basic Thrash / Speed Metal pieces. “Challenged By The Unknown”, the last chip in the block, is the near perfect harmony between Teutonic and American Thrash Metal, finding those tasting riffs, inspiring solo efforts and course of burning speed and slow tempo heaviness, a sort of track that would make you raise your fist up high.
“Raging Death” is the band’s answer to the Teutonic attacks of the mid 80’s, almost the image blasphemy in its nature, without sounding satanic, just mainly on the attack with a full speed drive. It sounds like a thing of the past, but as like a lot other, is a marker, a totem of the early days. Raging Death have what it takes to go forward, let’s see what happens next!
Punishment 18 Records, 2015 (P18R 092). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Space Invaders 
2. Raging Death 
3. Back To The Past 
4. Warrior Of Revenge 
5. Evil Command 
6. Race Of Races 
7. Cry For Time 
8. Challenged By The Unknown
Total playing time: 31:17

Samples: https://ragingdeathofficial.bandcamp.com

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