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PREMATORY “Corrupting Influence” /CD/

  • PREMATORY “Corrupting Influence” /CD/

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The second full-length album by Belgian Thrash Metal band.
Aggressive journey about global, social and political problems in modern society…
Prematory manage to display their skill as individuals on this album and their conviction in their delivery. Does it push into new realms? Well not exactly, it draws heavily on the Thrash heritage instead but there are moments where they shine through and you see the future is firmly within their sights. In order to do Thrash well you need to be it, like all music, you cannot fake it or you won't last. Prematory indeed are it and from all aspects gone before but their delivery keeps it fresh and current and that was a complete. Prematory´s Thrash Metal is highly dynamic due to the tempo changes, the powerful backing vocals, and the double bass drum that is used effectively. Everything is put in the limelight very well by the succeeding production that fully meets the standards.
Do you like Thrash Metal? You'll like this! A must have for fans of early Exodus, early Metallica and Destruction!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2014 (P18R 072). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Sledgehammer 1:18
2. Insignificance 4:40
3. Down The Drain 3:29
4. Hold My Breath 4:40
5. Toxic Experiment 4:11
6. Lies Upon Lies 4:36
7. Grave Raiser 3:36
8. Sentenced For Life 5:28
9. Peace?! 3:31
10. Bad Blood 3:32
11. Corrupting Influence 5:47
Total playing time: 44:48

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