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DESHODY “Collapsing Colors” /CD/

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    Band: DESHODY
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The debut full-length album by Italian Thrashcore band.
Deshody features a lot of aggressive playing and even more aggressive vocals. Their debut album “Collapsing Colors” gives us a taste of their heavy sound.
Opening with “Losing Control”, you pretty much get the idea of the band’s sound right away; heavy, down-tuned guitars, in-your-face growling vocals, and lots of breakdowns. What is somewhat interesting as that the band stays heavy throughout, whereas usually the Core genre tends to have clean choruses. This does set them apart a bit from the usual crowd. There are melodic moments but they are approached in a much heavier way than you would always expect.
The band soldiers onwards through tracks like “Calypso” which has some more Groove Metal aspects to it and also has a very crazy sounding outro, and “Harpooned to the Ground” which has some riffs worth some merit with a cool sound that isn’t simply chugging, and some almost Crossover/Thrash style vocalization.
The band pretty much sticks to its heavy sound, sometimes throwing in some atmospheric and electronic moments like in “History of a Legion”, and some more melodic moments interspersed throughout the album. There are some pretty cool solos on the track “Code”. The album finishes with “Reflecting on the Way” which slows things down a bit but is still plenty heavy, with some cool riffs on the chorus itself. This is a good finish to the album.
The production is nice and professional, plenty of heaviness and pretty much industry standard as far as the genre goes; better than the average band in this style.
This is a solid album for fans of Thrashcore, with plenty of melodic. Still, it’s a debut album, so with their second we may well see some serious development and experimentation!
SG Records, 2014 (SGCD068). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Losing Control 03:13
2. Gray Faces 02:53
3. Calypso 04:44
4. Each of Us Lives 03:31
5. Harpooned to the Ground 03:24
6. History of a Legion 03:24
7. Code 03:31
8. The Apple (Break the Pact) 02:51
9. Memory Lapses 03:01
10. Something to Live For 04:14
11. Reflecting on the Way 04:56
Total playing time: 40:04 min.

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