BIONIC ANGEL “Digital Violence” /CD/

Debut full-length album of the Dark/Dusky Gothic Rock/Melodic Death Metal German-American scandal band.
Shwarzdorn Production, 2008 (SD 32C)

Chapter1: Biomechanical Warfare
01.Living A Lie 04:20
02.End Of Days 03:52
03.Du Mein Gott 03:40
04.Stars and Dust 04:12
05.Burn Down The Witches 04:16
06.Du (Nur Du) 04:36
07.Another Day 04:31
08.Live To Die 04:37
09.Transit To Hell 03:35
10.Pink 03:24
Chapter 2: Hybrid Technology
11.Bitch Like You 04:36
12.Killing Myself Today 09:16
13.Clone Your Soul 03:57
14.Revolution X 04:20
+ hidden bonus track “Burn Down The Witches”
Total playing time: 63:12

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