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MESS AGE “Self Convicted” /CD/

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    Band: MESS AGE
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The debut full-length album by Polish Death/Thrash Metal band.
Ten tracks of traditional Death Metal that are up with changes in the melody and tempo. Good guitar work, leads and hard-hitting drums.
With a thickly produced rhythm section, the guitars churn out aggressively formulated riffs through a Metallic distortion with a Fuzzy edge. It is the rhythm section that really captures the attention, as the bass pulses and thumps the drums are tight and powerful, stamping authority on the music with its intrusive double pedals. Mess Age include lead passages effectively. The musicianship is solid enough to give the music on "Self Convicted" more of an impact than it may have had otherwise. It is reasonably strong material, with well-constructed riffs and an effective element of complexity in the melodic elements.
Vocalist Raaf bellows hoarsely but surprisingly expressively, phrasing the tortured, angry lyrics with a basic but effective style.
Whether or not this is a gratuitous display of boneheaded hostility, Mess Age still succeeds in offering some effective Metalworks. With a general grasp of how to be cold and aggressive, the uncompromising nature of the Thrash-tinged Metal on "Self Convicted" creates many enjoyable and absorbing moments. This is a commendable work that Mess Age should be proud of. Not bad album in all senses!
Nergal of Behemoth appears on the track "Kill The Falsehood"!!
Conquer Records, 2002 (CR004). Made in UK. First press.

1. Among The Empty Walls 5:02
2. Fulfilled With Nothing 5:13
3. Infected By Deflections 4:48
4 The Existence Door 4:24
5. Cold 4:28
6. Post Scriptum 1:10
7. Devoured With Famished Eyes 3:13
8. The Scarlet Rings 4:44
9. Kill The Falsehood 4:32
10. Waiting For Miracle 3:53
Total playing time: 41:27

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