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PAGANOS “Nos Vemos En El Infierno” /CD/

  • PAGANOS “Nos Vemos En El Infierno” /CD/

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    Band: PAGANOS
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Third full-length album by the Argentinean Thrash Metal band.
At the time when the veterans on the Argentinian Metal scene were modernizing their sound, here came a band to put them all to shame. This is all-out classic Speed/Thrash Metal with great guitar melodies and catchy headbanging tracks. 
"Nos Vemos En El Infierno" would be another no-brainer for the classic Thrash Metal lovers starting with the energetic semi-technical mosher "Nos Vemos En El Infierno", before "Soy Pagano" cools the situation down a bit leaving room for more Intense Speed/Thrash for a couple of tracks until the coming of "De Angeles A Demonios" which stays more on the melodic Speed Metal side. "Mala Yunta" is more vigorous and Thrashy, still with melodic hooks aplenty, and the closer "Victimas Del Poder" is kind of underwhelming being optimistic Crossover happiness followed by 4 bonus tracks which show the guys' less polished and rawer side thrashing hard and fast, even to the point of blast-beating ("El Mismo De Ayer", "El Pasajero") on a few moments.
Thrash Metal sung in Spanish! A gem in every Thrash/Speed Metal collection!!
Album contains four rehearsal bonus tracks.
Pacheco Records, 2010 (PR009). Made in Argentina. First press.

1. Nos Vemos En El Infierno     4:24 
2. Soy Pagano     3:18 
3. Injusticias, Mundo De Hoy     3:25 
4. Satisfaciendo A Los Depredadores     5:15 
5. Perdido En La Tormenta     3:21 
6. De Angeles A Demonios     3:52 
7. Mala Yunta     5:00 
8. Victimas Del Poder     2:48 
Bonus Tracks:
9. Yankinizacion     3:59 
10. I.R.     4:32     
11. El Mismo De Ayer     3:00     
12. El Pasajero     3:39
Total playing time: 46:33

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