NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE "Threshold Of Consciousness" /CD/

Amazing debut full-length album by Melodic Progressive Heavy/Thrash Metal band from Italy.
Thrash, death, power and heavy metal blended together into powerful rhythms or moody spheres.
Special guests: Emil Bandera from Death SS and Gianluca Ferro from Time Machine!!
Orion Music/Furias Records, 2008 (OME005)

1.Suffering First 01:53
2.Paintherapy 03:55
3.Threshold Of Consciousness 04:27
4.Building Ruins 05:37
5.Dressed Of Darkness 01:02
6.At The Mountains Of Madness 04:52
7.E.S.P. 04:43
8.Clepsydra 04:52
9.Wall Of Sleep 04:04
10.Night Ocean 03:37
Total playing time: 39:02

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