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HATEFUL “Epilogue Of Masquerade” /CD/

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    Band: HATEFUL
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The second full-length album by Italian Technical Death Metal band.
The architects of this new temple of Death Metal, "Epilogue Of Masquerade", used the correct formulas to build something that will stand the strongest earthquakes. This trio have a 16-year experience with in the pocket, a demo and an album called "Coils Of The Consumed Paradise", released in 2010.
Hateful plays Technical Death Metal without going into the hyper-mode. It’s keeping it relatively restrained, about the music, focusing on the thorough execution of every section than just overdoing everything. The riffs are fleshed out, and it takes more than a few listens to fully get them – it’s quite intricate and the song structures are bizarre because it’s not in the conventional format. It mixes up things quite a bit and it’s like piles of riffs buried over each other, pummeling pulsating drumming decorates the mess and the vocals are restrained yet again, keeping it straightforward.
This is an album for listeners, although first appearances aren’t unimpressive either. Production-wise everything is clear and strong, robust and the artwork is fairly striking in its elegance.
With a Brutal and Technical trend at the same time, "Epilogue Of Masquerade" deserves your attention and accolades because it’s doing it in the classiest way possible!!
The Spew Records, 2013 (TS 028). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Artifacts Of The Damned 2:31 
2. Corrupting The Veils That Keeps The Mind Sane 2:24 
3. A Despicable Harvest 2:38 
4. It Once Was Light 2:37 
5. Breathing The Whirlwind 1:40 
6. Instinct Of The Carnivorous Mass 2:38 
7. Stillbirth 2:40 
8. A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing 2:32 
9. Celestial Purification 2:16 
10. Ravenous 2:14 
11. Walking Into A Nightmare 4:17 
12. Bloodline 2:17
Total playing time: 30:44

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