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The fourth full-length album by the Italian Progressive Metal/Shred guitarist-virtuoso.
The fourth solo opus by the producer, poly-instrumentalist and songwriter of the Genius saga, a reputed All-star series of choral Progressive Rock operas, three episodes were published between 2001 & 2007 by Frontiers Records with huge success.
Liverani holds a legendary status in Italy, as he had contributed as a producer, a guitarist or a keyboardist to some of the more interesting bands coming from this country since the early 90’s, and his recording credits are displayed in a long list of albums recorded by Khymera, Twinspirit, Empty Tremors, Viewpoint, Cosmics, etc...
“Fantasia” is an eclectic and mature instrumental concept guitar album, is a complex but intriguing work, with very catchy melodies. The multi-talented Daniele Liverani is obviously a very talented composer and also a damn fine technical guitar player, with some impressive skills and many blistering chops. He also possess a fat & tasty guitar tone with a subtle distortion instead of the high gain ultra-compressed buzzing sound of some of the modern players. The references are numerous, and of course Steve Vaï, Vinnie Moore and Steve Morse are coming in mind while listening to this jewel, but i will also add to the picture the underrated Neil Zaza, the musicianship of the talented line-up is stellar and the clever arrangements are mind blowing as you might expect, the production is top notch. To achieve the best possible result Daniele strongly desired excellent musicians. In addition to Marco Zago (keyboards) and Nicolò Vese (bass), on drums there is a total revelation: Simon Ciccotti.
Less demonstrative and warmer than his predecessor “Eleven Mysteries”, that was issued in 2012 by Lion Music, some cuts also contains some material with a fierce headbanging capacity, “Fantasia” holds a real interesting potential even for the non-musicians, very creative and non-elitist!
“Fantasia” open the gates to a magnificent landscape that you can travel and visit back and forth with the magic vehicle of the imagination, boosted by the positive message and the incredible music of Maestro Liverani!!
SG Records, 2014 (SGCD065). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Unbreakable 4:18 
2. Joke 3:21 
3. Peacefully 4:22 
4. Apocalypse 4:36 
5. Daylight 5:24 
6. Gigantic 4:02 
7. Black Horse 3:16 
8. Outstanding 4:46 
9. Guilty 5:43 
10. Heaven 3:59 
11. Rage 6:56
Total playing time: 50:49

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