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CAGE "Supremacy Of Steel" /CD/

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    Band: CAGE
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Used: very good.

The sixth full-length album by the American Heavy/Power Metal band.
The kings of Power Metal are back!!
Who said CD artwork is dead? Don’t tell Cage mainman Sean Peck, as this brightly colored, comic book styled lyric sheet and cover (depicting Odin, the Grim Reaper and Satan watching over a Cage concert) is the antithesis of the digital download age. Hats off to artist Marco Sasso, who has worked for Marvel Comics. Then there’s the music, a non-stop eardrum pummeling of aggressive, twin guitars and Peck squealing, belching and King Diamond imitating his way through a dozen numbers that most definitely would incite cardiac arrest, should the San Diego outfit get the brilliant idea of ever performing this album in its entirety!
The guitar wall is incredible. Sean Peck goes all-out here, and guitarists Dave Garcia and Steve Brogden riff and shred away like there’s no tomorrow.
Unlike the great “Hell Destroyer”, “Supremacy Of Steel” is not a concept album but rather a loose collection of fist-banging Heavy/Power Metal tunes with that ever-present Thrashy vibe thrown in. As always, the lyrics touch on a wide range of topics: some fictional, others historical, like US Civil War and a paean to WWII aircraft. On the other hand, is simply in praise of the music we all love.
If you have a couple of faded Maiden, Priest, Dio and Metal Church shirts in your closet you should go grab this one right away! This is simply Metal, the balls-to-the-wall type that has the Priest’s “Painkiller” coursing relentlessly through every vein.
With "Supremacy Of Steel" we have a new masterwork in Metal with killer riffs, killer drums, killer vocals still keeping the style of the band alive but sounding different from album to album!! Hail and Kill!!!
Track 12 "Skinned Alive" is the European bonus track.
On the back cover of the CD is given as 2012 production year, although it was published on 25.11.2011 in Germany.
Heavy Metal Media/Music Buy Mail, 2011. Made in Germany. Used: very good.

1. Bloodsteel 5:32
2. The Beast Of Bray Road 4:27
3. King Of The Wasteland 5:58
4. Metal Empire 5:49
5. War Of The Undead 5:16
6. Flying Fortress 4:14
7. Doctor Doom 5:53
8. Anneliese Michel 7:13
9. Braindead Woman 2:30
10. The Monitor 6:26
11. Hell Destroyer Vs. Metal Devil 7:32

Bonus Track:
12. Skinned Alive 2:49
Total playing time: 63:39

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