STEEL PANTHER “Lower The Bar” /Deluxe 3D CD/

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The fourth full-length studio album by American Glam Metal band.
Rude, crude, and lude. Would anyone expect anything less from Steel Panther? There’s never been any middle ground when it comes to the material of today’s most successful Glam Metal band around. Reactions are explicit. Either you have adored or been disgusted by them. They’ve long been a polarizing yet strong presence in the Rock world for years, despite being pigeonholed as a one-trick pony. Prepare to be amazed, however.
Their fourth release is slightly less overtly dirty than previous work. In Steel Panther terms, that really doesn’t mean much. This observation only considers the fact that this record follows their previous release, "All You Can Eat", which featured track titles such as “Bukkake Tears” and “Glory Hole”. No detail is needed in describing what those songs are about. Unfortunately, their ridiculously over-the-top song material and persona has somewhat overshadowed the talent level of this four-piece.
It’s understandable, considering their shtick has been a comedic presentation highlighting the more laughable aspects of the 1980’s hairspray-rock scene. Steel Panther is basically Bon Jovi cranked a thousand fold in the sleaziest direction possible. They do it loud and they do it proud. What gets lost in the parody is the sheer chemistry that is prevalent in the music. This ability is just as much, if not stronger of a presence on Lower the Bar. A sense of focus is more apparent than before.
A brilliant cover of Cheap Trick’s “She’s Tight”, featuring Robin Zander himself in a cameo role to vocalist Michael Starr (Ralph Saenz), is done appropriately with the just the right amount of zeal. It’s surprisingly pretty straightforward and symbiotic. “Goin’ In the Backdoor” really showcases the virtuosity of guitarist Satchel (Russ Parrish), featuring a notably blistering solo that cuts through like a knife. The hard-driving, “I Got What You Want”, is an up-tempo Rocker, blending a healthy dose of slamming electric and keyboards. Starr displays his vocal prowess and versatility throughout the album, a trait that has carried over noticeably into the live shows.
"Lower The Bar" will undoubtedly please the Steel Panther loyalists, but also offer a musical proficiency that is in short supply amongst other more “serious” modern Rock bands!
Deluxe Edition features two bonus tracks and 3D Lenticular Cover.
Kobalt Label Services America, Inc., 2017 (SP001CDX). Made in UK. First press.

1. Goin' In The Backdoor 3:10
2. Anything Goes 3:01
3. Poontang Boomerang 3:23
4. That's When You Came In 3:46
5. Wrong Side Of The Tracks (Out In Beverly Hills) 3:07
6. Now The Fun Starts 3:44
7. Pussy Ain't Free 3:56
8. Wasted Too Much Time 3:51
9. I Got What You Want 4:13
10. Walk Of Shame 4:12
11. She's Tight (Cheap Trick cover) 2:57
Bonus Tracks:
12. Red Headed Step Child 3:40
13. Momentary Epiphany 2:57
Total playing time: 45:57 min.


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