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EVER-FROST “Departing Of Time” /CD/

  • EVER-FROST “Departing Of Time” /CD/

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Debut full-length album by Italian Progressive Melodic Death Metal band.
Cleanly produced and full of solos, the music here is melodic but also heavy, sounding like a mix between At The Gates and The Crown. This isn't quite Prog Jazz or makes as much of a diverse statement as other Prog Death Metal bands like Cynic or Opeth, but it definitely holds its own.
After a ticking clock heard on "Intro," the band just tears into "Departing Of Time." It is a very fluid track that seamlessly just takes right off and blends so many riffs together for a bit of a haphazard, but enjoyable ride. The solos are melodic and don't ruin the pace or sound of the riffs, and drums bounce between just a full machine gun onslaught and nicely paused, even sections. Even the vocals- which hold a mid paced snarl- fit the music quite well. Other tracks like "Revenge" are a bit more 'Prog set' on the drumming side as there is one section where the music quiets down and just the drums hit these rather repetitive beats over and over, but the effect is excellent. "Tear Down The Sky" slows things down a bit for a bit of clean singing and more single string moments rather than just full on cohesive chugging and churning from the guitars. It is a slower track but definitely doesn't come off as being a ballad as it switches between soft and heavier moments- this is definitely more Opeth-esque. The closing "Immortal Creed" follows a similar style that is even softer, at least on the vocal front, but the music is still energetic and doesn't lose any of its pace. For those who are looking for a track that just tears everything apart and refuses to let up as far as the pace goes, "Be Your Own God" is one of the faster offerings on the album, touching on a speed similar to how Vader would perform their music, though with more technical beauty and a bit more melody.
Overall, for a debut this album is well done in production alone, and jumps from track to track without an issue. Everything feels like it should be in its place!
Beyond… Productions, 2013 (BEY. 1340). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Intro     00:46 
2. Departing of Time     05:31 
3. The White Light Beyond the Wall     05:30 
4. Revenge     06:22 
5. Cosmic Evolution     06:09 
6. Tear Down the Sky     05:32 
7. Be Your Own God     08:27 
8. At Glance into the End     06:19 
9. Immortal Creed     06:24
Total playing time: 51:00

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