Debut full-length album by Alternative Hard Rock trio from  Ontario, Canada.
MTR very ably play dark ’90s alternative rock in the vein of Tool, Filter, Deftones. If you own material by any of those bands, you’ll probably find MTR’s sound immediately familiar, from the melodic yet affected vocals to the chunky yet progressive riffs.
There’s no lack of polish here. Singer Bill Dupuis and guitarist Glen Latouf especially deserve kudos for many compelling, well-executed moments on these 12 tracks. But there’s a sameness to some of the songs, and people who were never into the aforementioned bands may find MTR’s esthetic wearyingly dated. That said, this is a solid debut for fans  of Tool, Filter, Deftones.
MTR Music, 2008 (MTR4LFE)

1. Parasite 3:40
2. On and On 3:34
3. Rockstar 3:38
4. Steal 3:06
5. Something to Say 3:24
6. Same Old Scars (SOS) 1:20
7. MTR 3:37
8. My City 4:07
9. Pedestal 3:49
10. Stupid Me 4:49
11. Damage 1:10
12. Dis Eaze 21:45

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