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KILLCHAIN “Where Is Your Saviour…” /CD/

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The third full-length album by Slovak Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore band.
Absolutely mandatory killer album! Huge production, the intensity of Brutal Death Metal, the raw aggression of some Hardcore touches in the vocals there and there, technical Deathcore riffing at times, and an overall fast and violent true Death Metal feel for a monster of an album!!
The production is surprisingly squeaky-clean. The drums in particular sound pure and distinct. Even if this is not your kind of Metal you could find yourself listening to very often, it’s hard to ignore the amount of professionalism.
11 songs of Brutal Grind/Death for fans of Misery Index, Aborted and the likes!!!
Metal Age Productions, 2014 (MAP 087). Made in Slovakia. First press.

1. Intro 00:29 
2. I'm Rotting from Inside Out 03:19 
3. God the Government 02:50 
4. Reborn of New Man 02:14 
5. Where the Dreams of Dreamed 03:11 
6. The Fury of Us All 02:40 
7. I Enjoy the Smell from Your Mouth 03:20 
8. Lifetime 02:51 
9. Deeds of Anxliously Hope 02:05 
10. Judge Enforce Silence 02:43 
11. Where Is Your Saviour, You Fucking Dog 03:28
Total playing time: 29:10


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