PYRIFLEYETHON / OPHIDIAN FOREST "Summoning Of The Igneous" /Split CD/

Black Metal from Greece vs Pagan/Black Metal from USA split CD.
Le Crepuscule du Soir productions/Victory by Fire Records, 2011 (LCDS061/7)

1.Pyrifleyethon - Ignipotence 00:35
2.Pyrifleyethon - Powers of the Second Sphere 05:19
3.Pyrifleyethon - Underneath 03:28
4.Pyrifleyethon - Hades Landscape 09:00
5.Ophidian Forest - Never Wish to Sleep 05:36
6.Ophidian Forest - The Tower 03:54
7.Ophidian Forest - Paladin of the Blackest Heart 10:10
Total playing time: 38:02

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