DESTROYER (Ger) “Slashing Metal” /CD/

Debut full-length album by the German Thrash Metal band.
Destroyer are relentlessly Thrash band from Cologne and this release should see them creating a whole new army of fans through this great debut.
Devastating old school Thrash Metal for all fans of genre!!
Slaney Records, 2013 (Slaney 020). Made in Germany.

1. Liquidator     03:54 
2. Hang 'em High     03:43 
3. Slashing Metal     05:23 
4. Screams from the Coffin     04:49 
5. Unstoppable Thirst     02:55 
6. Slasher     03:59 
7. Dawn of the Dead     03:32 
8. Burnt to Death     03:47 
9. Stiletto Ripper     04:10 
10. Alcoholic Apocalypse     04:41
Total playing time: 40:53


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