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CADAVERIA “The Shadows' Madame” /CD/

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First remastered re-release of the debut full-length album by the cult Italian Black/Gothic Metal band.
Released in 2002, the cult album that marked the beginning of Cadaveria career has become extremely rare by now. So it’s time to make it available again to all fans. This new issue, proposed with a brand new layout, is completely remastered and it contains songs such as “Spell” and “Circle of Eternal Becoming” that have become classic hits of the band.
Cadaveria is the former singer from Opera IX, and she released 2 albums with that outfit, "Sacro Culto" and "The Black Opera", two great Black Metal albums. Reason enough to give this one a chance.
Take some Death Metal, Black Metal, Gothic Metal and Traditional Heavy Metal, mix it all together, blend it well, and serve with some Symphonic elements. There you have it, Horror Metal!
The album starts with a beautiful choir intro, and being a classical music listener, a excerpt of "La Traviata" of Giuseppe Verdi, cool intro which blends perfectly with the first chords of "Spell" a marvelous song, full of tempo changes and voice variations. This lady can growl, grunt, scream, shout can do with her voice whatever she wants!
The guitar work is also remarkable; the riffing goes from straight Death Metal to 80's Classic Heavy Metal. The album has great songs, like "Declaration Of Spiritual Independence" and "The Magic Rebirth", they all are a mix of Classic Heavy Metal and other extreme forms of the genre, truly nice combo!
Do yourself a favor and pick up this album quickly, so you can peak into the distorted world of Cadaveria and her Horror Metal!!
Black Tears, 2002/2013 (BTOD1333). Made in Italy.

1. Spell 05:53
2. Declaration of Spiritual Independence 05:10
3. In Memory of Shadows' Madame 04:12
4. Circle of Eternal Becoming 04:57
5. The Magic Rebirth 06:50
6. Black Glory 04:11
7. Absolute Vacuum 07:10
Total playing time: 38:23


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