LOUDNESS “Eve To Dawn” /Digipack CD/

Re-release of the twenty-fifth full-length studio album by the legendary Japanese Heavy Metal band.
More than 30 years in, these Japanese Metal veterans are still finding new ways to deliver on their name. Their new 11-track outing goes beyond the KISS-meets-Accept vibe of Pop-Metal faves like “Crazy Nights” and “Heavy Chains” from 1985’s "Thunder In The East".
Injecting furious bursts of Thrash and Power Metal, the quartet thrives off founding guitarist Akira Takasaki’s worship at the altar of Van Halen and Randy Rhoads, even if this isn’t his most precise, clean playing ever.
This album is the second without their original and beloved drummer, Munetaka Higuchi, that died of cancer almost three years ago.
Akira Takasaki, the mastermind behind the zealous Loudness and its achievements, has been tagging additional influences that were shaped into the band's sound and music. The guitars reminded a bit of past glories but also maintained the present raw modern touch. Judging by the list of eleven songs, Takasaki hasn't lost his amazing lead guitar skills. His solos have always taken to classic Rock, Hard Rock and shredding Heavy Metal blisters. 
When the entire lineup was playing Loudness came up with good songs filled with 80s Metal takeovers. "Come Alive Again" is something that can be recognized as a classic. "Survivor" and "The Power Of The Truth" were good examples of how Loudness made good use of modern Metal while mixing it with older Metal roots. Still, on hard-charging cuts like “Keep You Burning”, Loudness conveys an unrestrained attitude of fierce self-determination remarkable for a band in its third decade.
Tokuma Japan Communications/FrostByte Media Inc. (FRB-CD-0030). Made in Canada.

1. A Light In The Dark 1:46
2. The Power Of Truth 5:28
3. Come Alive Again 4:27
4. Survivor 5:45
5. Keep You Burning 5:17
6. Gonna Do It My Way 4:13
7. Hang Tough 5:55
8. 喜怒哀楽 6:24
9. Comes The Dawn 7:07
10. Pandora 4:19
11. Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! 3:24
Total playing time: 54:05

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