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CRO-MAGS “Near Death Experience” /CD/

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    Band: CRO-MAGS
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First European re-release on CD of the fourth full-length album by the legendary American Speed/Thrash/Crossover/Hardcore band.
Here we got New York’s legendary Underground Hardcore-Crossover Thrashers with the reissue of their “Near Death Experience”, originally released way back in 1993. Jon "Bloodclot" and company continue to play fast and scream with a Hardcore voice. The Cro-Mags used to be the line between the genres of Hardcore and Metal... and here they are simply Metal with a Hardcore attitude and voice.
What most amazed about this album was that the album starts in a predictable manner of really fast paced Punkish Thrash songs, but gets into a rhythmic sound in the latter half, which actually is more impressive than the former part. Titles like “Say Goodbye to Mother Earth” and “War on the Streets” should give an idea of what the lads are working on lyrically here. The vocals are the regular thick screaming Thrash Metal vocal style that just works fine for the band. “Kali-Yuga” is again fast paced, but has some really innovative and sick guitar work ever done in this sub-genre of Metal. The album gets into anthemic mode with ““War on the Streets” as the backing vocals take center stage amid the punkish riffs. “Death in the Womb” is more faster and chaotic song. For some weird reason “Time I Am” reminds of Skid Row, nevertheless it’s a really cool Punk driven song. The album does get better with time, not just song by song, but even as a whole, especially the title track “Near Death Experiences” really nails it with it raw sound. The hair lifting riffs hold your nerves with the album ending “The Other Side of Madness”, as the band strikes a chord between melody and heaviness with this epic song.
This album is a pure gem for Crossover or Thrash Metal fans. You don’t even need to be a real Punk fan to dig this. For anybody trying to understand ‘80s American Hardcore movement, this is a pilgrimage trip they have to travel!
Century Media Records/Punishment 18 Records, 1993/2015 (P18R 094). Made in Italy.

1. Say Good-Bye To Mother Earth 5:03 
2. Kali-Yuga 6:23 
3. War On The Streets 3:27 
4. Death In The Womb 2:16 
5. Time I Am 4:42 
6. Reflections 4:21 
7. Near Death Experience 3:33 
8. Other Side Of Madness 4:41
Total playing time: 34:31

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