CHROME DIVISION “Infernal Rock Eternal” /Ltd. Digipack CD/

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The fourth full-length album by the Norwegian Stoner Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band.
Shagrath is well known from his band Dimmu Borgir, but not everybody knows that there’s a different side to this guy: his love for dirty Rock And Roll. Featuring respected players of the Norwegian Metal scene, including members from Dimmu Borgir and Susperia, Chrome Division has been swinging wildly with all four full-length albums. Some of those swings connected solidly for stellar offerings blending Rock and Metal (especially sophomore effort “Booze, Broads and Beelzebub”) while others have been less satisfying. It’s not entirely Chrome Division’s fault, dealing with vocalist and bassist departures as well as schedules of members in much bigger bands, but the quality and focus has ping ponged a bit between albums.
The band's fourth album is something the world would never expect. A perfect blend of Dirty Rock, Stoner and even elements of Metal. There are still heavy riffs and booming Metal drums, but this disc is significantly more rooted in Hard Rock from decades past.
At times, the album seems like it could come from a very different outfit, such as “Lady of Perpetual Sorrow”, which is significantly more soulful than anything we have heard from these guys in the past. It seems like the hard partying bikers hit that part of the drunk where things get sad and you reminisce about the past. Is the party finally ending? Sure not!
If you like Rock And Roll dirty, greasy, and deep-fried, with a shot of whiskey, then "Infernal Rock Eternal" is an album for you!! An intense and highly creative album, "Infernal Rock Eternal" showcases each member at the zenith of their most creative and raucous. These five Norwegian road bandits had the ability to grasp the finer elements of their influences and mold them into their own diverse sound!!!
Limited Edition digipack features bonus track.
Nuclear Blast Records, 2014 (NB 3092-0). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Good Morning Riot 1:28
2. Endless Nights 4:44 
3. (She's) Hot Tonight 3:46 
4. The Absinthe Voyage 5:05 
5. Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow 5:33 
6. The Moonshine Years 5:59 
7. No Bet For Free 4:37 
8. On The Run Again 4:42 
9. Mistress In Madness 5:07 
10. Reaper On The Hunt 4:07 
11. You're Dead Now 5:17 
12. Øl 3:24
Bonus Track:
13. Dirty Dog 3:28
Total playing time: 57:17 min.

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