CHROME DIVISION “3rd Round Knockout” /Slipcase CD/

The third full-length album by the Norwegian Heavy‘N’Roll Metal band.
The side-band of Shagrath, Dimmu Borgir vocalist.
If there is one band that can step up to the dirty attitude of bands like Motorhead it definitely is Chrome Division! Founded back in 2004 Chrome Division boasts a line-up that consists of some of Norway’s finest and well-known Metal musicians.
Shagrath, usually the grim and infamous vocalist of Black Metal gods Dimmu Borgir, lets out his unexposed side as the axe-wielding rock n’ roller. During the summer of ’04, he summoned his longtime friends Lex Icon (The Kovenant, ex- Dimmu Borgir) and Luna of Ashes To Ashes respectively on drums and bass guitar. After months of beer drinking and rehearsing, the band took shape and Chrome Division was formed. When the task of finding the right vocalist came along, Eddie Guz, frontman of the Norwegian Rock`n`Roll sensation The Carburetors, was quickly decided to be the chosen one. Guitarist Ricky Black and his fierce guitar solos were the last missing ingredient to complete this hellish cocktail. In the summer of 2005, drummer Lex Icon had to leave the band and was replaced by Tony White of Minas Tirith fame. Enter 2009 Eddie Guz was to leave the Division only to be replaced by another Norwegian legend. Shady Blue, also known as Athera, of Thrash Metal masters Susperia joined the band in late 2009 and added a whole new level of musicianship to the Chrome Division concept. With his one-of-a-kind vocal style, Shady made “3rd Round Knockout” stand out even more from nowadays Rock Music.
Chrome Division not only made a statement with their own incredibly catchy, straight-in-your-face songs with this third, perfectly produced and set up album, but also covered Johnny Cash's evergreen “Ghostriders In The Sky” in the most perfect way there is.
Crack open a bottle of good o’l Jack Daniels, get your girls dancing and put “3rd Round Knockout” on your stereo!
Play it loud!! This is doomsday Rock N’ Roll at its best!!!
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2011 (NB 2676-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Bulldogs Unleashed 3:48
2. 7 G-Strings 4:07
3. Join The Ride 5:03
4. Unholy Roller 3:44
5. Zombies & Monsters 3:39
6. Fight 3:38
7. The Magic Man 4:56
8. Long Distance Call Girl 4:25 
9. Ghost Riders In The Sky (Johnny Cash cover) 3:35 
10. Satisfy My Soul 5:09
Total playing time: 42:04 min.


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