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CEPHALIC IMPURITY “Eulogium For Incessancy” /CD/

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The third full-length album by Russian Brutal Death Metal band.
They are back with their new masterpiece of Brutality!
Cephalic Impurity plays leans more on the technical end of the spectrum. It sounds similar to bands like Severed Savior. The drums mainly play a lot of mid-paced rhythms that feature a great deal of complexity. They often feature the rapid drilling of double bass and the intense clattering of cymbals. However, they still manage to throw in plenty of powerful blast beats. The bass is quite prominent in the mix and offers up plenty of rattling riffs that help to add a thicker texture to the music. The vocals consist of a deep yet hoarse growl that again reminds of Severed Savior. They put on a nice performance and fit well with the technical nature of the music. As for the guitars, they play a lot of great complex riffs. Unlike most other technical bands, they have no interest in being flashy or showing off how skilled they are. They're only interested in offering up good riffs. They spend equal time playing rapid tremolo riffs and stomping mid-paced riffs that pack a lot of groove. They also play a lot of elaborate hooks as well as a few pinch harmonics.
Overall, "Eulogium For Incessancy" is a great Brutal Technical Death Metal album in the vein of Severed Savior. Very heavy, very brutal, very diabolical and technical stuff!!
Rising Nemesis Records, 2014 (RNR 023). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Failure of Imperfect 03:16 
2. Imperceptible Collar 03:03 
3. The Grotesque Realm 02:41 
4. Feeding the Void 03:35 
5. Interlude 00:27 
6. Dawned in Fear 02:38 
7. Those Who Observe 04:30 
8. Waking the Spawn 02:12 
9. Unseen 03:30 
10. Eulogium 03:25
Total playing time: 29:17


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