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BRUCE DICKINSON “The Chemical Wedding” /CD/

  • BRUCE DICKINSON “The Chemical Wedding” /CD/

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Expanded Edition re-release of the fifth full-length album by the legendary British Heavy Metal singer, Iron Maiden frontman.
With 1997's "Accident Of Birth", Bruce Dickinson returned to the top of the Heavy Metal food chain. It combined the right characteristics that a popular Metal record would need, and mashed them all together, creating an excellent atmosphere that satisfied fans all over the world. For his next studio effort, Bruce once again called up Accident of Birth's successful guitarist tandem, Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and Roy Z. In 1998, Bruce Dickinson released "The Chemical Wedding" worldwide and once again, it was very well received. Once again, Bruce had shattered all expectations to create an album that might even be better than the previous one.
"The Chemical Wedding"'s sound is very similar to the previous album. Very heavy, yet at the same time, melody is still incorporated into the formula. Many of the songs are driven by aggressive, yet at the same time well thought out riffs. These riffs are very fitting with the sometimes angry or violent lyrical themes that are present. However, "The Chemical Wedding" still differs from "Accident Of Birth". On tracks such as the title cut, "Machine Men" or "The Alchemist" shows a more melodic side or Bruce Dickinson. These songs combine both the melody and heaviness. Professionally written and recorded, Bruce Dickinson once again pours his soul into his music, and the result is spectacular.
The record draws some inspiration from the works of William Blake, featuring sung and spoken excerpts of his prophetic works and poetry (notably And did those feet in ancient time on the track Jerusalem), and with cover art from his painting The Ghost of a Flea, although the name of the album and its title track derive from the Rosicrucian manifest the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.
The film, "Chemical Wedding", with a screenplay by Dickinson, was released in May 2008. It features the title track from the album on its soundtrack, but concerns a story about the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley and is otherwise unrelated.
Before Bruce got back together with Iron Maiden in 1999, he released two essential Metal albums. "The Chemical Wedding" is one of those albums, and definitely the better of the two. It's definitely one of the best Metal albums of the late 90's!!
Expanded Edition includes three bonus tracks.
Sanctuary Midline, 1998/2005 (SMRCD214). Made in Germany.

1. King In Crimson     4:43 
2. Chemical Wedding     4:06 
3. The Tower     4:45 
4. Killing Floor     4:29 
5. Book Of Thel     8:14 
6. Gates Of Urizen     4:25 
7. Jerusalem     6:42 
8. Trumpets Of Jericho     5:59 
9. Machine Men     5:41 
10. The Alchemist     6:04 
Bonus Tracks:
11. Return Of The King     5:06     
12. Real World     3:59 
13. Confeos     7:35
Total playing time: 71:48



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