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THORNAFIRE “Eclipse Nox Coagula” /Digipack CD/

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The third full-length album by Chilean Death Metal band.
A somewhat surprising entrant that crawled out of the mountainous streets of Santiago, Chile, Thornafire have delivered to the world their latest full-length album. Sporting a catchy, sometimes Thrashy sound to coincide with their already-established Death Metal roots, "Eclipse Nox Coagula" is arguably the trio’s finest record to date.
The production is cleaner this time around, which breathes life to all of the instruments properly. Though the final mix comes off as a tiny bit too sterile regarding the drums and guitars, thankfully the raw energy and bite hasn’t been totally removed; the songs are still heavy. The tracks on "Eclipse Nox Coagula" generally follow a "Darkane / In Flames meets Carcass" between "Necroticism" and "Heartwork feel", meaning there are plenty of melodies and hooks encircling the underlying Death Metal.
The album is highlighted by the swirling, catchy “Malefactor Manifesto” but other powerhouses are “Inmortal Agonia” and “Sumisiуn” and there isn’t a lousy song in the bunch. "Eclipse Nox Coagula" flows smoothly from start to finish and while every song follows a similar style or formula, they are different enough to stand apart from one another.
Though Thornafire aren’t the most unique or original dudes to ever pick up some instruments, their take on a tried and true style of Death Metal is honest and entertaining!!
Australis Records, 2012 (AUS30CD). Made in Chile. First press.

1. Carneval Caos 5:07
2. Malefactor Manifiesto 3:01
3. Ruptura 2:52
4. Vulgar Medium Ectoplasma 3:49
5. Immortal Agonia 4:25
6. Desintegración 4:09
7. Disarmónica Tensión 4:25
8. Sumisión 4:42
9. Final 5:09
10. Soluto 1:51
Total playing time: 39:30

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