TAIGA “Ashen Light” /CD/

The debut full-length album by Russian Depressive Black Metal band.
Taiga is a two-man project from Russia.
Album starts with a decent intro, puts on the album a very strong example of what Depressive Black should be. Very intense guitar pieces that guide you through icy stories with some halts to appropriate samples or acoustics to give this melancholy. Yet more color in the usual way also reverberate persistently with the singer Nikolay.
Would this impression also refer to the place where these guys live? If it is cold and dark, this band certainly succeeded in its intent. Fans of Nyktalgia might go missing some power, but who likes icy perfection in that form, or even a Thy Light-atmosphere or can appreciate a sporadic Walknut guitar line, removing this pine forest in the house!
Satanath Records/Metallic Media/Le Crépuscule Du Soir Productions, 2014(SAT067 | METALLIC 030 | LCDS 180/42). Pressed in Russia. First press.

1. Intro 2:43
2. Вечность В Пустых Глазах 4:11
3. Взываю К Тебе 5:11
4. За Чертой 5:17
5. Среди Серых Стен 6:21
6. На Битом Стекле 4:47
7. Вернуться На Землю 5:32
8. Ты Всё Ещё Дышишь 5:45
9. Пепельный Свет 5:53
Total playing time: 45:40

Samples: http://satanath.bandcamp.com

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