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  • THE RED COIL “Lam” /CD/

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Debut full-length album by Italian Sludge/Stoner/Groove Metal band.
Do you are familiar with the sound of Southern Pantera? Here you have the way of such bands like Down and Hell Yeah followed closely, and of course one cannot even here the qualities of Dimebag heritage approach. The reasons for the current example are relatively diverse, with well is crucial that The Red Coil does not even show the ambition to build a similarly monstrous groove wall as the Anselmo clan. Instead, consider the five spaghetti equivalents much more, if you think it should remain at Rock riffs or rather the Metallic variant preferred. Before this however misinterpreted: "Lam", the new shekel of the Southern quintet is, in terms of songwriting by far not the worst export, the nation emits boots in this area. But as so often one just has the impression would have been that with more determination and energy strike out a lot more!
Buil2Kill Records, 2012 (). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Mahakala     00:57 
2. The Ones That Fall from Grace     03:18 
3. Eastern Smell of Smoke     05:43 
4. Fuckin' Numb     03:58 
5. S.S.C.     05:53 
6. The Desert's Crown     06:20 
7. Narcotic Jail     04:44 
8. Daybreak     05:00 
9. Barrio Alto     03:33 
10. Beginning from Nowhere     05:36
Total playing time: 45:02

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