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HINTERGEDANKEN "Hintergedanken" /Digipack CD/

  • HINTERGEDANKEN "Hintergedanken" /Digipack CD/

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Progressive / Psychedelic from MADISON, Wisconsin, US.
A strange and haunting trip through some minimalist psychedelia much in the vein of Yahowa 13 or Frolk Haven. Clay Ruby (Burial Hex, Jex Thoth, Wormsblood) and Karen Eliot (Mumber Toes, Teenage Depression) spew slow, atmospheric psyche rock that is hard to define, hard to predict.  Full color glossy 3-panel digipack.
Barbarian Records, 2007 (Barb610)

1.Mt. Sisyphus (Repeat As Needed For Pain) 04:01
2.Irr-uption (Including Funeral March For The Little Elves) 03:34
3.Ritual Dance Of The Sugar Rush Fairies 04:29
4.Prelude To The Twligt Of A Sexually Confuse Sunflower 01:06
5.Sunflower Proper (For A.G.) 02:03
6.Clip Job (Apassionata) 01:02
7.Threnody For Chet 04:54
8.Louis Lingg 1st Impression 03:23
9.Louis Lingg 2nd Impression And 3rd Impression (AKA If You Don't Know What I Mean Then You Better Look Out: A Blues) 18:14
10.Interstellar Underpants For Frater Aossie 19:16
11.It's Too Piercing 02:08
12.Cosmic Blimpout 00:56
13.Don't Bogart That Divine Intervention (Including Get Yr Crabcakes Outta Her) 07:22
14.The Ape Of Thoth Meets The Angel Of Death (Impasture) 02:25
15.That Kid Kim (Audiogenerator) 05:04

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