PRELUDIUM “Redemption” /CD/

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The fourth full-length album by the Polish Death/Black Metal band.
Preludium released its finest album till date. Spiritual-themed, the album is saturated with hues from both Black and Death Metal genres without compromising on the aesthetic of either. Intense, atmospheric and memorable, "Redemption" guides the listener through tales of morality, determination and escape from the circles of life and death.
One of the most interesting bands on Polish Death/Black scene! Furious, massive and sick attack for fans of Behemoth and Hate!!
Transcending Obscurity, 2014 (TO 05). Made in India. First press.

1. Soul Torment 
2. Altars Of Redemption 
3. Incarnations 
4. Root Of Suffering
5. Circle Of Life
6. The Seven Gates Of Hell
7. Destiny Of Mortals
8. Arena Of Souls
9. Hatred Breeds Suffering 
10. Sins Of Mankind


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