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TED NUGENT “Craveman” + “Full Bluntal Nugity” /2CD Set/

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Re-release of the twelfth full-length studio and the fourth live albums by the legendary American Hard Rock guitarist/vocalist.

The name of “Craveman” album is a portmanteau of the words "crave" and "caveman". The album continues the trend, started in the mid-1990s, of Nugent returning to the rawer, Harder-Rocking sound that made him famous in the 1970s. This stands in sharp contrast to the Synth-Pop of his 1980s work, and the romantic AOR power-ballads of his early 1990s band Damn Yankees. This album also contains some material from an unreleased Damn Yankees album. This is his fiercest effort in decades and certainly his heaviest ever. "Craveman" arguably constitutes the first truly worthy new entry to the Ted Nugent discography in well nigh 20 years!!

"Full Bluntal Nugity" was recorded on New Year's Eve (12/31/2000) at Ted Nugent's annual Whiplash Bash in Detroit, MI. Like "Double Live Gonzo!" recorded over 20 years before it, "Full Bluntal Nugity" is a concert recording that features the Motor City madman's biggest and best '70s Arena Rock hits. Recorded live in the guitarist's hometown of Detroit, this collection also includes plenty of Nugent's fast-talking concert banter. Not only is Nugent in fine performance form, but his accompaniment - courtesy of drummer Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne) and bass player Marco Mendoza - is also top-notch. The recording is clean and the performances are surprisingly energetic. Listening to Nugent as he blazes his way into the fifth decade of his performing career is a bit of a wonder, as songs like the epic "Great White Buffalo" and "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" sizzle with the man's hard-edged guitar crackle and type-A vocal blasts. Classic records like "Free for All" and "Cat Scratch Fever" from Nugent's peak '70s solo era are perhaps the best source for new listeners looking to get into the man's music. But hardcore fans and especially completists will get plenty of kicks out of "Full Bluntal Nugity"!!

Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd., 2001/2002/2008 (EDGCD368). Made in Germany. First press.


CD 1:
1. Klstrphnky
2. Crave
3. Rawdogs & Wardogs
4. Damned If Ya Do
5. At Home There
6. Cum N Gitya Sum-o-this
7. Change My Sex
8. I Won't Go Away
9. Pussywhipped
10. Goin Down Hard
11. Wang Dang Doodle
12. My Baby Likes My Butter On Her Gritz
13. Sexpot
14. Earthtones

CD 2:
1. Klstrphk
2. Paralyzed
3. Snakeskin Cowboys
4. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
5. Free For All
6. Yank Me Crank Me
7. Hey Baby
8. Fred Bear: (Acoustic)
9. Cat Scratch Fever
10. Stranglehold
11. Great White Buffalo
12. Motorcity Madhouse

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