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GAIA EPICUS "Symphony Of Glory" /CD/

  • GAIA EPICUS "Symphony Of Glory" /CD/

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Second full-length album by Norwegian Power/Speed Metal band.
Norway normally stands for Black Metal of the worst kind. But now and then, more melodic Metal bands from such coutries, where the melodic Metal is active, but noone doesn´t pay attention to it, find a way to present their music. Gaia Epicus have belonged to the scene for years, to the American-German-mix Power Metal scene.
The album consists of 10 Power Metal killer tracks, very heavy and aggressive, but without any hyper-super-fast solos, but with powered, phat doublebasses and the typical guitars.
The choruses bore into your ears. Singer Thomas C. Hansen very varies with his self-containied voice. You nearly could think that there are five different vocalists singing! Very good! Even female vocals can be heard in „Be thy Cross My Victory“. The choirs partly are devastating and when you listen to them, your faceual muscles automatically get out of shape!
Tight and powerful, as well as speedy, not only the music, but also the production! Gaia Epicus are characterized by heaviness and speed!
This second output after the release of the debut album “Satrap” owns a large potential!!
Strongly recommended for fans of Helloween and Gamma Ray!!!
Sound Riot Records/Mystic Empire/Mazzar Records, 2005/2006 (MYST CD 037). Made in Russia.

1. Welcome     0:30 
2. Time And Space     5:30 
3. Miracles     3:01 
4. Seize The Day     4:36 
5. Hand Of Fate     3:58 
6. Wings Of Freedom     5:36 
7. Spanish Eyes     4:19 
8. No Release?     3:51
9. Chamber Of Secrets     3:39 
10. By The Cross My Victory     7:33 
11. Symphony Of Glory     10:13
Total playing time: 52:46

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