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SHTURM “Karmaruna” /Digibook CD/

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    Band: SHTURM
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The third full-length album by the Russian Melodic Ethno/Death/Black Metal band.
“Karmaruna” is an album that shows how much band have grown since their debut album “Fresh Christian Meat”. Shturm plays the Black/Death/Heavy Metal genres making “Karmaruna” sound like a heavy loaded tow truck that’s able to pull, grind and drag along.
The great thing about music is that one doesn’t need a spoken language to understand. Music’s even able to express feelings that are hard to catch with words and if one genre doesn’t do it, one can combine genres, just like feelings can be combined. And that’s what we can find inside the Shturm album “Karmaruna”. This album’s truly a mix of feelings expressed in genres combined. When you’re not a fan of just Death or Black or Heavy Metal you still might like this band anyway because next to their balanced mix of styles, they also sound a bit Progressive.
The first song on this album is a true intro, like they’re turning the switch to get their vehicle running. Once running it bursts on in frustration, anger and fear, but also in accepting and finding balance again to stay on the road. Shturm’s teamwork does fire off explosive work, fast sweeping draggers, but also melodic sweet and sad sounding tunes. All combined inside this solid album that’s definitely worth a listen!!
Darknagar Records, 2012 (DNR 013). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Wounds on My Hands 01:09
2. Solitude Beside 04:43
3. My Life with Angel 07:00
4. Eagles Above Tibet 07:30
5. To Kapylavasta 06:51
6. Karmaruna 06:31
7. In Us 05:50
8. Down to the Waterfall 04:02
9. Remember Thy Name 04:07
10. Dreams of Better Life 06:07
11. Metal Music Artefact 02:45
Total playing time: 56:35

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