SACRATUS “…Paradise For Two” /CD/

The second full-length album by the Russian Doom/Death Metal band.
The album which marked the final formation of the band's own style: a classic Doom Death Metal with lots of Symphonic arrangements and the use of the Armenian Ethnic elements (as well as a national instrument - duduk).
Sad and extremely beautiful material, full of genuine tragedy and personal experiences. The album contains five new songs and re-recordings of three tracks from the debut album "The Doomed To Loneliness", most accurately reflects the actual sound of the band.
Don’t die, just buy!!
Darknagar Records, 2010 (DNR 003). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Shadow 07:00
2. The Hard Thinking 06:10
3. Tristeza Mia 07:20
4. Revelation 07:30
5. Sentences to Death 07:45
6. Madness 10:15
7. Fallen Angel 14:50
8. The Last Hope 08:30
Total playing time: 69:20


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