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IBRIDOMA “Ibridoma 2014” /CD/

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    Band: IBRIDOMA
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Re-release of the debut self-titled full-length album by Italian Melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band.
Essentially, Ibridoma are as classic as Heavy Metal can possibly get. About everything non-cheesy Heavy Metal stands for is taken in on this debut release. So much that you practically get a black leather biker jacket for free when you purchase the album. It sounds pretty much exactly like everything that has ever been released in the Heavy Metal back catalogue. Ibridoma are doing it proudly according to the rules in the book of Heavy Metal. The songwriting is simple yet effective and even a little catchy. It's fairly easy to give in to Ibridoma's Heavy Metal magic, really. The guitar work is pretty hooky, but the riffs won't necessarily stick in your head for days. Though, the ease of their mid-tempo sound should make Ibridoma a reasonably popular band, not in the least in their home districts.
What Ibridoma are bringing has been done countless times before. But if your time machine has broken down and you're feeling a bit nostalgic, you should give this safe yet palatable release a try!
Re-edition features six bonus tracks.
SG Record, 2010/2014 (SGCD022-3). Made in Italy.

1. Red 3:33
2. I'm Not Sorry 4:05
3. Ibrido 4:07
4. Alone In The Wind 6:15
5. Jenny 3:42
6. Night Falling 3:43
7. Night Of Crow 4:54
8. Page 26 6:09
9. Lady Of Darkness 5:50
10. Cool Rain 4:21
11. Old Desire 4:58
12. Heavy Fire 6:49
13. Juliet 5:54
14. Angels From The Hell 4:23
15. Dreams On The Past 4:34
Total playing time: 73:17


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