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SVÖLK "Svölk 'Em All" /CD/

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    Band: SVÖLK
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Re-release of debut full-length album “Svölk” by Norwegian Heavy/Stoner Metal band.
From the city of Oslo, a new band is shaking things up with their unique brand of Bear Metal. The genre delivers a riff-heavy mix of Stoner Rock and Metal, as well as a generous dose of Nordic redneck attitude.
Svölk has released debut EP in 2005. Three years later the band played at the Sweden Rock Festival. In 2009 the band’s debut album came out and the year after that they joined Annihilator for a European tour. Napalm Records saw hail in the Norwegians’ skills and offered them a contract. The band’s debut album got re-released under the title “Svölk ‘Em All”.
“Svölk ‘Em All” is marked by unrestrained and penetrating power in which the guitar take the lead role. The album catapults Svölk to the scene's forefront, where songs like "52" or "Anchor" will soon become the talk of the town. Knut Erik Solhaug could be easily mistaken for Glenn Danzig, if Glenn were wearing Norwegian flannel, and his vocals encourage his fellow band members to reach for new heights.
A riff-heavy mix of Stoner Rock, Metal, and Nordic redneck attitude. The Norwegians can be proud of what they’ve achieved so far, for the album is definitely worth checking out!
"Svölk'Em All" is a genuine powerhouse of first-class riffs and grooves!!
Napalm Records/Mazzar Records, 2009/2011/2012 (MZR CD 528). Made in Russia. Used: very good.

1. 52 
2. This Is It 
3. Anchor 
4. Sweet Agony 
5. Miss Alcohol 
6. 12 Times the Pain 
7. End of Days 
8. Inferno 
9. Dead:30

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