Fourth full-length album by the German Brutal Death Metal one man band.
This time again a solo work of Andreas "Andi" Schüssler and the brilliant special on this album are Banjo parts on every song! Slam machine No One Gets Out Alive recorded the first Slam album in the world which contains an banjo in every song!! The result is amazing sick Banjo Slam!!!
A Musthave for all Hilly Billys in the world as well as all sick motherfu***rs like you!!!!
Morbid Generation Records, 2013 (MGR 022). Made in Germany. First press.

1. White Devil     03:17 
2. Huntin' Season     03:22 
3. Burn the Barn Down     03:22 
4. Give War a Chance     03:46 
5. Keep it Flying!     03:45 
6. Widowmaker     03:21 
7. What Happens in the Barn Stays in the Barn     03:51 
8. Trailerpark BBQ     03:15 
9. You'll Never Leave the Mountains     04:46 
10. Slammin' Outlaw     02:45 
Bonus Track:
11. Watch Ya 13th Step, I'll Break Ya Neck     03:54
Total playing time: 39:24

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