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CLAWED FOREHEAD “My Domain” /Digipack CD/

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The third and farewell full-length album by Czech Alternative Folk Rock band.
Clawed Forehead was a band from Brno in the Czech Republic (with members from Slovakia and Iran as well), they was active since 2006. The band worked over two years on the material for this album but unfortunately, main composer Kuba finally left the band so this album is their last one and the remaining members will continue making music under a new moniker.
The band's original idea was to create something different to the well-known styles and of course something unique. And they managed to do so. Their style can be described as a mixture of Folk Rock or Alternative Rock with Celtic elements and elements of World Music. Those who expect a Metal release could be a bit disappointed but open-minded listeners who like Folk Rock/Metal with female vocals should definitely give this album a listen.
The band uses instruments like violins, violoncellos and additional instruments like flutes to create a somehow medieval or celtic mood. If you know the band Schandmaul and their style is quite close to Clawed Forehead.
Surely, a lot of bands move in that genre but this band and their creative head also offer the necessary songwriting skills to create really good songs as only extraordinary instruments do not make a good album. The twelve tracks offer an enjoyable nice trip into another world and the album is the perfect soundtrack after watching the Hobbit trilogy.
The production is fine and clear and the songs really grow from spin to spin as well as the voice of their vocalist. Normally, bands with that style mostly overdo it and spoil their possibilities but Clawed Forehead managed a good balance and create quite enjoyable tracks. A nice taster is their track "Falcon".
It is sad that this good album is their last one but having members spreaded over three countries makes it difficult to keep a band running even these days...
Metal Age Productions, 2015 (MAP 098). Made in Slovakia. Pressed in Poland. First press.

1. Shattered 3:05 
2. My Domain 4:10 
3. Ničím 3:02 
4. Sounds Of Silence 4:05 
5. Inferno 3:46 
6. Natural Order 3:32 
7. Falcon 2:53 
8. Solitude 6:11 
9. Dead City 3:33 
10. Harrowing 3:18 
11. Awakening 4:10 
12. Phlegmatic State 3:52
Total playing time: 45:40 min.

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