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SCARS (Bra) “The Nether Hell” + “Ultimate Encore” /CD/

  • SCARS (Bra) “The Nether Hell” + “Ultimate Encore” /CD/

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    Band: SCARS
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Official re-release of debut mini-album + remastered tracks from the first split-release of the Brazilian Thrash Metal band.
A Metal thrashing holocaust by these Brazilians (Sao Paolo natives) guarantees to kick you motha-f**kin' ass!
Scars started their career back in 1991! Through the years the band has managed to play along many respectful names. Their debut 3-way split release was out in 1994, called "Ultimate Encore"...
"The Nether Hell" is essentially a tribute to classic Thrash (think Exodus and Slayer) at their peak with a bit of German Thrash (Destruction, Kreator, Sodom) and a trace of Death tossed into the mix. The music is competently and energetically performed and the production is surprisingly good for an independent release. The guitar sound shines through and the vocals are some good, serious Thrash vocals sort of like Sepultura. The riffs will have you banging your head and the fast parts will melt you. The average song length is quite long, because the 6 songs have a total length of around 30 minutes.
Recommend to every Thrash Metal fan out there, the music you'll hear will shock the crap out of you! This mini-album is worthy for many reasons for example the incredible music, the layout, the songwriting, the solos, etc. even the lyrics are interesting to read!A really good find!!
Re-edition contains remastered versions of the songs from "Ultimate Encore" split as a bonus!
Encore Records, 2005 (ENC 072). Made in Brazil.

1. Creatures That Come Alive In The Dark 04:27
2. Warfare 02:57
3. Nether Hell 06:26
4. Legions (Forgotten By The Gods) 05:15
5. Return To The Killing Ground 05:04
6. Hidden Roots Of Evil 05:00
Bonus Tracks From“Ultimate Encore”. 1994 (remastered):
7. World Decay 05:01
8. Drugs Kill 03:50
9. Mentally Murderred 04:54
10. Ruined by Hatred 06:06
Total playing time: 49:00

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