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RAVEN “ExtermiNation” /Digipack CD/

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    Band: RAVEN
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The thirteenth full-length studio album by legendary British Heavy/Speed Metal band.
If ever there was a band to walk hand in hand with Motörhead into war - it’s Raven. Apart from Motörhead, it’s fair to say that this trio has transcended all trends by way of continuing to churn out no frills hammering Heavy Metal. Raven is the sort of band that is very much part of Heavy Metal furniture; a trio which at times we’ve taken for granted due to their immovable sound and vision.
With their 13th full-length studio slab of concrete, and their first opus since 2009’s "Walk Through Fire", these guys continue to march through the trends and destroy all in their wake; forget Glam Metal, forget Grunge, and forget Nu-Metal, because Raven plows on like a war machine operated by lunatics hell-bent on wasting all those who do not bow down to their command. And so is it really a surprise then that the aptly titled "ExtermiNation" is another crushing slab of Old School Metal? Of course not!
Raven occupies the same sort of scrap-metal yard which the likes of Accept have made their home. Raven is one of those primitive forces with a no-care, can-do attitude – as reliable as hell and yet not just content with filling up their records with average lumps. Raven remains lethal in whichever path it takes; John Gallagher’s vocals always bubbling with malice in order to work in cohorts with the latest steaming riff, frothing bass-line and hammering drum.
"ExtermiNation" is one of those albums you’ll slap on when you’re pissed off or feeling at a loss with the Heavy Metal genre, because not only do this terrible trio reinstall faith in the genre, they will pump your lungs full of lead, and get your heart beating on a diet of molten steel!
Steamhammer/SPV, 2015 (SPV 267962 CD). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Destroy All Monsters 6:04
2. Tomorrow 4:25
3. It's Not What You Got 3:27
4. Fight 4:03
5. Battle March / Tank Treads (The Blood Runs Red) 5:26
6. Feeding The Monster 3:42
7. Fire Burns Within 4:59
8. Scream 3:04
9. One More Day 5:12
10. Thunder Down Under 4:47
11. No Surrender 3:53
12. Golden Dawn 0:53
13. Silver Bullet 4:15
14. River Of No Return 5:25
Bonus Track:
15. Malice In Geordieland 3:03
Total playing time: 62:38 min.

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