SKOLL “Grisera” /CD/

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Re-release of the third full-length album by Italian Ambient Black Metal band.
Fine cult Heathen Ambient/Folk Black Metal in the old Bathory style from ex-member of Opera IX! This is really a project of artist with the pseudonym M., who otherwise mainly relies on a session musicians.
The album combines Black Metal with Epic structures and dynamic atmospheric parts. Varied emotions and moods are translated into professional music. Four songs feature quite a variety Metal style from somber with acoustic guitar, that are done beautifully before the band picks up the pace with icy, raw guitars. The drumming is done extremely well with slow to mid paced drums. M. vocals show a range of emotion mainly using the Black Metal shrieks but there are also some deeper Death growls used in a few songs and even some clean vocal patterns and chants.
Raw Black Metal with melody, primeval chanting and ancient Folk influences. Atmospheric songs take the listener into the ancient world of myths and legends. "Grisera" is very solid Ambient Black Metal album that indulges only slight flaw that it is much too short. Definitly worth the price if you’re a fan of Folkish Black Metal!!
Fallen-Angels Productions, 2013/2014 (AngeL12). Made in South Korea.

1. Grush
2. Grisera
3. Hrothaharijaz
4. Wolves in the Mist
Bonus Track:
5. The Bard

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