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RABID DOGS “The Octopus” /Digipack Pit-Art MCD/

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The first mini-album (third release) by Italian Grind’n’Roll band.
Rabid Dogs have always been overlooked. The thing about this band is that they’re mixing things up, spicing up the style of Grindcore with many elements. Musically, it’s comparable to Contrastic, Disharmonic Orchestra and Abortion – a mix of all of that actually. It’s refreshingly innovative, thick and heavy, and has that Grindcore spunk to keep the proceedings lively. 
The third record of Rabid Dogs includes five fast, adrenaline Grindcore songs plus intro. Band do their way, using their unique sound to somewhat revolutionize the genre or at least try and reinvent the wheel. The Grind’n’Roll element is not new – it was most remarkably was done by Mucupurulent but that band didn’t have the unpredictability of Rabid Dogs and their mood-inducing and mood-altering nature. Rabid Dogs keep it interesting without being repetitive.
There is something about this EP that makes you keep coming back to it for more. It’s thoroughly intriguing and addictive. Albums like these don’t come out very often and as should be the case always, originality should be supported in all forms. Fast & furious Grind'n'Roll with Hardcore and Stoner elements inspired by 70's pulp themes!
For fans of: Nasum, Contrastic, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, and Blood Duster!!
Eclectic Productions, 2013 (EP034). Made in Ukraine. First press.

1. Intro 2:00 I
2. Shoot Me 3:07 
3. Strangled By The Octopus 3:02 
4. The Mafious 2:04 
5. The Immoral 2:35 
6. The Puppeteer 4:16
Total playing time: 17:04


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