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PSYCHOSIS (USA) "Psychosis" /MCD/

  • PSYCHOSIS (USA) "Psychosis" /MCD/

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First EP of American Thrash Metal band.
Killer old school Bay Area Thrash Metal!!
This EP features the new Psychosis line-up with Bruce Hall on vocals, Jimmy Schultz on drums and original members Jason Mirza on bass, Vince Levalois and Kragen Lum on guitars.
This little EP has the correct amount of aggression to make you want to throw away your television, torch your ex girlfriend's car and bite your neighbor's annoying dog!
Veteran thrashers Psychosis really nailed it bringing former Agent Steel singer Bruce Hall in. While this EP has kind of a "newer Thrash" sound to it, it doesn't take an ounce away from the quality this band has. Sure, their sound has changed since the 1992 album "Lifeforce", but this is a positive thing since they updated their sound to the year we're living in. It is Thrash of this decade. And the best part is that they didn't have to blend their sound with -core crap to make it fresh.
Bruce Hall's vocal performance is great. The man screams. And he is harsh singing. With some grunts here and there. We won't find any high pitched vocals in here. The only way you could notice he was in Agent Steel is if you hear their last album "Alienigma" back to back to this. His vocal style in this EP is really close to what he made in "Alienigma". Aggressive, harsh vocals and some grunts.
Guitars have a rich, crunchy sound, and solos are interesting. Harmonized guitar solos make them even more interesting.
The snare drum has a dry sound and the double bass drums sound like when you punch someone in the face. And the best thing is that they are used all the time.
Even though the double bass drum is heard nonstop, there are no fast-as-hell songs in here. The three of them are mid tempo moshers, showing us that you don't have to be the fastest band around to be heavy and tough.
An album you must listen to!!!
Sublevel Records, 2010 (SUBLEVEL 0410-2). Made in USA. First press.

1. Face Of War     4:35 
2. Building Empires     5:40 
3. Broken Man     5:13
Total playing time: 15:28


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