MARTYR LUCIFER "Farewell To Graveland" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Italian Dark/Gothic Metal band.
Excellent Dark Gothic Rock/Metal solo project of Martyr Lucifer, singer of Hortus Animae and Space Mirrors. Line-up features: drummer Adrian Erlandsson (At the Gates, ex-Cradle of Filth, Vallenfyre, Paradise Lost), bassist Vrolok (Ygg, ex-Nokturnal Mortum), Grom (ex-Ancient) and various members from Italian bands like Hortus Animae, Doomsword, and Psychofagist, amongst others!
Imagine Katatonia and Tiamat mixing with Sisters of Mercy, The Cure and Joy Division!!
Live Tribe Music/Buil2Kill Records, 2011 (B2K 0010)

1. Janus 00:52
2. Farewell to Graveland 04:11
3. Turmoil 04:25
4. From Under the Ground 04:12
5. Noctua Munda 04:52
6. Onironauta (The Demon of the Earth) 07:20
7. L'albero ed Io 03:23
8. The Dustflower 04:34
9. They Said with Time All Wounds Will Heal 06:26
10. The Horseride 10:10
11. Waiting for the Dawn 05:46
Total playing time: 56:11

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