LEGEN BELTZA “Need To Suffer” /CD/

4th album of killing Thrash Metal band from Spain! Mixed and produced by Andy Classen at Stage One studios.
Published in 2011 through Punishment 18 Records.
Punishment 18 Records, 2011 (P18R 034)

1.Vaporized 04:10
2.Deathpidemic 03:17
3.Midnight meat train 06:43
4.Adan’s children 06:24
5.Suicide 04:09
6.Church burning 04:47
7.Death control 04:43
8.Global dictatorship 05:22
9.Mutant from the red hill 05:11
10.Amaierarik ez da 05:42
Total playing time: 50:28

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