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BETZEFER “The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land” /CD/

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    Band: BETZEFER
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The third full-length album by Israeli Groove Metal band.
Most successful Metal band from Israel has released their third studio album.
The band is compromised with Groove Metal at the heaviest way that can be, but as well they got tons of melodic energy and high doses of Hard N’ Roll. A really catching music, indeed, with very good vocals (a mix between Max Cavalera and Phil Anselmo in a more melodic way), very good guitar work, a heavy bass and drums’ rhythmic basis.
With the helping hand of the producer Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Sick Of It All, Mnemic), the sounding is heavy and clean, making the band’s music flow with energy and that “oiled” sensation that all we have when dealing with Groove Metal, but without setting the instruments into a chaotic mass of sound. You’ll hear them all clearly and strong.
The explosive and hooky “The Devil Went Down to the Holy Land” (with some Rock N’ Roll touches), “Killing The Fuss”, the way down and heavy “Yuppie Six Feet Underground”, the mid-tempo “The Medic” (good riffs, indeed), the heavy and oppressive “Cannibal” (drums and bass heavy as hell, with some grunts that really get near Death Metal sometimes), and the charming “Can You Hear Me Now?” will give you maximum drive and satisfaction!
Be happy, and be Heavy!!
SPV/Steamhammer/Raven Metal, 2013 (HF352). Made in Israel. First press.

1. Tropical (Intro) 0:51 
2. The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land 3:02 
3. Killing The Fuss 3:38 
4. Cash 2:59 
5. Yuppie Six Feet Underground 3:16 
6. Cop Killer 3:03 
7. Sledgehammer 3:29 
8. The Medic 3:44 
9. Milk 4:12 
10. Suicide Hotline (Part 1) 3:39 
11. Suicide Hotline (Part 2) 4:25 
12. Cannibal 2:46 
13. I Hate 2:41 
14. Can Your Hear Me Now 4:09 
Total playing time: 45:54



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