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DAVID BENSON "Purpose of the Cross" /CD/

  • DAVID BENSON "Purpose of the Cross" /CD/

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Remastered re-release of the second full-length album by American Christian Heavy Metal band.
Christian metal bands intentionally modeling their sound after that of their mainstream counterparts is not a recent phenomenon.  The concept dates to the late eighties and Whitecross, who often invited comparison to Ratt as a result of Scott Wenzel’s gritty Stephen Pearcy-like vocal abilities.  Trytan was next in line, highlighting a Rush influenced sound in which vocalist Larry Dean proved a near dead ringer for Geddy Lee.  Finally, X-Sinner brought a strong affinity for AC/DC due to the vocal delivery of Dave Robbins closely resembling that of Brian Johnson. The trend continued into the nineties with David Benson, whose main calling card was a “Christian alternative to Ozzy”.  True to form, his signature vocal style closely mirrors that of Ozzy Osbourne.  The artist has released three albums: “Holy Psychotherapy” (1994), “Purpose Of The Cross” (1996) and “Premonition Of Doom” (1997). The David Benson back catalog, as one might imagine, has been out of print and hard to find for some time (“Holy Psychotherapy” was recently offered for $150 on eBay).  Hence, a re-issue was long overdue, with Intense Millennium stepping to the plate in the spring of 2011 and making “Purpose Of The Cross” - re-mastered and with new album artwork - available on a limited basis (only 1000 copies printed).
“Purpose Of The Cross” is straight on Metal with some heavy Doom-ish Black Sabbath and early eighties Ozzy influences. Musically, there is a lot to like here.  However, the key deciding factor comes down to not the fact the artist sounds like Ozzy but whether or not the songs are any good.  And this is where Purpose Of The Cross succeeds in that at its best its songwriting is top notch and in no way “second rate” in comparison to the original.
Expanded re-edition contains new artwork and three bonus tracks from the artists 2002 session work with guitarist Mick Rowe (Tempest).
This CD is total musthave for all fans of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbatn!!
Intense Millenium Records, 1996/2011 (IMR010). Made in USA.

1. Purpose of the Cross 03:19
2. Works 03:59
3. Second Coming 02:51
4. America Wake Up 03:59
5. Shout 02:53
6. Give In 03:50
7. Holy Psychotherapy 03:56
8. Revelation Man 03:37
9. We Are One 02:58
10. Faith 03:49
Bonus traсks:
11. Crushing the Dark Cathedral 03:07
12. Dark Star 04:23
13. Dear Aleister 03:29
Total playing time: 46:10

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