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JAG PANZER "The Scourge Of The Light" /CD/

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The ninth full-length album by the cult American Heavy/Power Metal band.
Jag Panzer troops, stand at attention! 7 years in darkness from this venerable American band of soldiers eventually led into the light with the release of "The Scourge Of The Light". Jag Panzer were one of the great American bands from the 80s with their classic "Ample Destruction", still, after all these years, being just about one of ours favorite Metal albums. And now...they're on the upsurge, again.
This is just a really solid album. Harry Conklin sounds good, singing at a midrange with some serious vitriol pumped into him. Mark Briody and Chris Lasegue on guitars are the real stars here, with their seemingly endless barrage of Maidenesque riffs, winding, multi-faceted solos and blazing leads. The drums from Rikard Stjernquist are militaristic and powerful – just like Jag Panzer's always should be. That was always one of the strongest points of the band; those pumping, marching drum beats that sounded like a thousand soldiers right outside your door. This effect is in full use here.
Jag Panzer in recent years have stuck to a fairly similar formula – mostly traditional rockers mixed with experimental tracks – and this album does not diverge from that formula. It's actually just about the best they've done while adhering to it, with the most interesting tunes and the most confident, ballsy performances. The songwriting here is stripped down just enough to allow for clarity and strength, but still complex enough that the songs reveal more layers with each listen.
Stand at rest, troops. The mission is finished. It has been a successful one. This is Heavy Metal the way the Gods intended. Well done gentleman! Well done!!
SPV GmbH/Soyuz Music, 2011. Made in Russia. Used: very good.

1. Condemned To Fight 4:23
2. The Setting Of The Sun 3:26
3. Bringing The End 5:03
4. Call To Arms 3:26
5. Cycles 4:08
6. Overlord 5:27
7. Let It Out 3:34
8. Union 5:15
9. Burn 6:04
10. The Book Of Kells 8:01
Total playing time: 48:47

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